July 2012: Headstones Returned to Cemetery by Nowy Dwor Citizen

Grzegorz Grzybowski (2nd from the left in the photo – along with Ze’ev, David and Joseph) the contractor who designed and built the wall and plaza at the cemetery received a Matzevah (headstone) from a Nowy Dwor citizen. There are other partial and full headstones scattered around the city that had been used for walls, walkways, etc. The Mayor’s office has undertaken a program to encourage people who have these to turn them in to the city and receive replacement blocks or decorative pavers in return. Provided additional funds become available, this beautiful stone (above), along with others, will be included in the next phase of the Nowy Dwor Project, construction of a 2nd wall to accommodate the additional Matzevot that are being uncovered or returned to us