November 12, 2015: 3rd annual Israeli and Nowy Dwor students meeting at the monument

3rd Gedera Israel-Nowy Dwor Student Meetings

From Tsvika Plachinski:

I have just come back from Nowy Dwor from the third Israeli – Polish meeting. I don't know how to express my feelings. The meeting was very moving and actually I couldn't stop my tears seeing more than 90 Jewish – Israeli students and more than 15 escorts, entering the city "walking tall" and with no fear, marching into the Jewish cemetery with Israeli flags, and hearing the Tikva were especially moving. After hearing the Nowy Dwor story, the headmaster from Gedera, decided to come to Nowy Dwor herself even though she was not part of the delegation. She was very moved by the meetings between the Israeli and Polish students and by the cemetery ceremonies. I also invited teachers and students from Serock, the town where my grandmother was born, and they came with their headmaster. At the end of the day, the Serock headmaster and teachers ask me to arrange a similar meeting with their students. This is especially pleasing because it will be the children who will lead us out of the depths of hatred and intolerance that became the Holocaust and the plague that continues around the world today targeting us all. I was pleased and proud of how well the cemetery was prepared. It was very clean, fresh flowers and candles were everywhere, and the Israeli and Polish flags stood next to each other. I want to especially express my gratitude to Ze'ev Shaked, who met and paid the contractor for preparing the cemetery for this event. As I write, I have tears again, tears of joy and hope for us all as I watch these beautiful children from both countries talk, sing, and play with each other.