June 27, 2012: Second Annual Nowy Dwor Essay on Tollerance Competition

This was a special day in Nowy Dwor and is evidence of the continuing and lasting impact of the Nowy Dwor Project on the people of Nowy Dwor. First, Rabbi Schudrich came to the Jewish cemetery and prayed with Josef at the Memorial. The Mayor and Vice Mayor were there with Michal Nawrot and other Nowy Dwor residents including teachers and school directors. As you can see the cemetery is in great shape.

Then the essay reading awards ceremony took place at one of the high schools and Josef gave a very moving speech in Polish causing many students to have tears in their eyes. He also provided greetings on our behalf and each of the 25 students who participated got a thank you letter. Now formalized, it is our hope that this competition will become an annual event that the students, parents and citizens of Nowy Dwor will look forward to.